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Height - 6'2''

Weight - 115 Kgs


Hometown - Fiji


Signature Move - Flying Head Butt from the top rope


Height - 6'1"

Weight - 125 Kgs 


Hometown - Samoa


Signature Move - The Hulk Face Smash

Titles Won - VCW Tag Team Champion with Prolifik The Gifted

Height -  6"3'

Weight - 100 Kgs


Hometown - Menai via Columbia 


Signature Move - Frog Splash

Titles Won - VCW Heavyweight Champion


Height -  5'9''

Weight - 101 Kgs


Hometown - Sydney


Signature Move - Reckless Abandonment 


Height -  6'

Weight - 80 Kgs


Hometown - Paddington


Signature Move - Cruise Control & Cruise iFix


Height - 5'6"

Weight - 88 Kgs


Hometown - Marrickville


Signature Move - Last Rites DDT


Placed with solid muscles and a powerful build Xander is a new breed Wrestler in the VCW family. Xander's speed and agility has helped him climb up the VCW packing order faster than anyone in the last year. His athleticism comes from years of playing soccer, boxing and kick boxing.

Quote:  "My aim is to destroy any opponent that try to stop me from achieving my goals which is the three titles. 

First : Cruiserweight 

Second : Tag Team

Third : VCW Championship

I am Hephaestus - The Greek God OF Fire!!!!!"

Height - 5'8''

Weight - 88 Kgs


Hometown - Marrickville


Signature Move - Zander Slam/ Hellenic Lock 


Height - 5'7''

Weight - 92 Kgs


Hometown - Istanbul


Signature Move -Coquina Clutch/ The Turkish Stunner

Moving to Sydney at a young age from Istanbul, Jimmy had to learn how to fight to survive. This led him into lifting weights and studying different martial arts before finding professional wrestling.

A proud Turk, Jimmy struts into his matches brandishing the Turkish flag adorned with mercenary like get-up. This represents the militant precision in which he attacks and dissects his opponents.

Jimmy can often be found eating his favourite cuisine, Turkish of course and expressing his Anti-Greek sentiments at any VCW show. Being booed mercilessly by the crowd.


Tommy Renegade and Quitting have never been made acquainted with each other.
Having trained for just over a year. Renegade is one of the freshest faces of VCW and also one of its fastest rising stars.
The phrase "Hell Bent and Unbreakable" is more than just a catchphrase to Tommy. It's the mindset of Renegade every time he steps inside a Pro Wrestling ring.
At just 23 years old, Tommy has already shown the VCW fandom his awesome blend of Speed and Strength and the potential he has to be a major player in VCW!

Height - 6'3''

Weight - 101 Kgs


Hometown - Cronulla


Signature Move - Renegade Rapture/ Anaconda Vice


Height -  6'2''

Weight - 99 Kgs


Hometown - Bankstown


Signature Move - AK-DDT/ Superman elbow

AK47 the Bad Boy of VCW hails from Bankstown NSW. Born with a mix of Lebanese, Italian and Argentinian background. He learned his fighting skills from the streets of Punchbowl and Bankstown. Standing 6'2 with his 110 kg frame this former kickboxer is really enjoying terrorising his opponents in the VCW circuit. Twice challenged for the VCW Tag Team Championship Belts but was twice rejected by the powerful Polynesian Bulldozers. 

Quote:  I came here to conquer and win all titles but through failure, there will be a success and in the end everyone will remember my name A K 4 7. 

One of VCW most exciting Wrestlers The Prince is the full package with devastating speed and agility with his high flying move and a smile to die for, he is fast becoming one of VCW's favorite Wrestlers. Since winning the inaugural cruiser weight title, he has packed on 10 Kgs of quality muscle to his 6' frame through weight training at VCW Gym. The Prince is also the youngest Wrestler in the VCW. 

Quote: "Peoploe might think I'm cocky but I'm just here to entertain my thousands of fans around the world". 

Height - 6'

Weight - 90 Kgs


Hometown - Bankstown


Signature Move - Block Buster

Titles Won - VCW Cruiserweight Champion

Rusty Colt is as enigmatic and as dangerous. The Lone wolf's beginnings are shrouded in mystery and secrecy so much that it's almost as if he just appeared out of thin air one day with a few lifetimes worth of unknown experiences that he uses to justify his hate at the world. If for some reason you wish to find the Loose Cannon, good luck. A proclaimed nomad, riding wherever he feels, stopping whenever he feels like it, for as long as he wants - the only way you may find him is following the reports of bar fights he leaves in his wake.  Rusty outwardly lives by the acronym 'D.T.A' - Don't Trust Anybody, to such an extreme that even after sacrificing his body with the many death-defying risks he takes to secure the victory and tame his opponents, he refuses any sort of medical attention, opting rather medicate with his detached hedonistic lifestyle.

Height - 5'8''

Weight - 97Kgs


Hometown - Undefined


Signature Move - Final Justice Neckdrop


Height - 5'11''

Weight - 85 Kgs


Hometown - Ispwich, Queensland 


Signature Move - Steel City Slam

Daniel Alexander is a Producer, Statistician, IT technician, all-around smart cookie. The smartest man in Australian wrestling, and VCW's own, he has run the numbers and algorithms necessary to step into the squared circle with all theoretical evidence showing high levels of success incoming and imminent. It is now time to resort and insert the equations into practice and prove beyond unreasonable doubt, that Mr. Alexander's ultimate solution is always correct; that Brains are greater than Brawn.


Samson stone started training at Vulcan’s pro wrestling school at the young age of 13 until he suffered a
horrific injury to the head that led him to leave, but after 10 years he’s finally back only now he’s gone
psychotic. Suffering from a head injury like no other he has lost all reason and only cares about hurting
others rather than wrestling. His ultimate goal is the total domination of all his opponents. Fueled by anger
nothing can stop this psychotic juggernaut so pray that his anger stays in the ring.

Height - 6'3''

Weight - 120 Kgs


Hometown - Menai


Signature Move - Claw Choke Slam 



Height -  6'

Weight - 97 Kgs


Hometown - The outside World


Signature Move -

Trance-pl@nt ; Baseball Punch


Chris Trance has wrestled for many promotions around Australia in his 13 year career and can now be seen in Sydney, as a regular on the VCW Australia Shows. Not only has 'The Hyptonic' Chris Trance wrestled around the land down under but has traveled to the land of the rising sun, there he trained with Daisuke Sekimotto and Fugo Fugo Yumeji. He was also a part of some scenes of an independent movie, Blunder from Downunder. 

"Lost in Trance-lation"(modified Dragon-Sleeper) and "Trance-form-ya"(Powerbomb followed up with a modified Codebreaker) are two moves created by Chris Trance. When like to finish thses moves you are likely to see him throw a devastating blow he calls as Baseball Punch, the crowd goes along with him yelling "hit the TRANCE-PL@NNNTTTT!!!!"

Former NRL star Mike Bradley has made his way into the VCW squared circle after a short but sweet career playing for both the Bulldogs and the Sharks. Bradley is intimidating in size at 6’2 and 115kg but has the speed and agility matching with the best Cruiserweights in the biz. He was always known in his rugby league days as The Enforcer and he will guarantee to bring that brute force and power to the VCW ring. Bradley has been quoted saying “I’m the real deal and it’s time I take VCW by the neck and shake things up here. I’m coming for the title and I don’t care who has it. If you’re in my way, either get out of it or I’m going to take you out and run you over”.  Strong and powerful words from Bradley. He has put the entire roster of VCW on notice. Who will want to stand between him and the illustrious VCW world heavyweight championship?

Height - 6'2''

Weight - 115 Kgs


Hometown - Menai


Signature Move -  Bradley Bomb  



polynesian bulldozers 4
polynesian bulldozers 5
polynesian bulldozers 1
polynesian bulldozers 3
polynesian bulldozers
polynesian bulldozers 6


Fired up from the moment he steps through the curtain, there is always a party when Zorba is in town. All the way from Greece, he made his presence felt with thoroughly thrashing other competitors. Having the crowd behind him yelling his catchphrase OPA!! gets Zorba even more fired up with supreme confidence. Always ready for a fight no matter who steps in his way!


Little is known about Johnny Starr's background, as he cannot recall his childhood or where he grew up. He now resides on the South Coast of Sydney.

All that is known is that he acts as a voice for the people.......a voice for the voiceless.

Starr sticks to the shadows like an assassin and vows to be the saviour of VCW. 



Height -  5'10''

Weight - 115 Kgs


Hometown - Kogarah


Signature Move - Opa Side Slam; Opa Kicks


Height - 6'2''

Weight - 79 Kgs


Hometown - South Coast


Signature Move - Super Kick, Lionsault

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