Looking for something to stay in shape and build confidence, thats different from your typical sporting programs? Why not try Professional Wrestling?

Just like some of your favourite wrestling stars on Televison, learn the art of Pro-Wrestling from Australia's foremost wrestling coach, Vulcan.

This course breaks down the basics of Pro-Wrestling. Learn the art of Chain-Wrestling as well as various rolls and warm up routines, key elements in executing many wrestling manouvers.  

  • Learn the Correct Techniques

  • Certified Professional Instructor

  • Great Cardio Workout

  • High Endurance Training

  • Confidence Building

  • Social Skill Development

  • Guaranteed To Make You Sweat!

Group style training, this class is essential in your wrestling career. Learn the fundamentals of basic wrestling moves such as, Head-lock, Hammer-lock, Arm-whip, Takedowns and many more.

Safety is essential when learning to wrestle. It is crucial to learn the correct techniques in a safe environement, with a fully trained professional. At Vulcan Wrestling, you will recieve full supervison from Malenko Certified Wrestling Professionals.

"This class is the first step to becoming a Professional Wrestler!"

JUNIORS: 11 - 14 Years

Saturdays - 12pm - 2pm

SENIORS: 15 Years +

Saturdays - 2pm till 4pm


Look Like A Wrestler,

Now Train Like A Wrestler!

Gain full access to Club Vulcan Gym & add a Strength specific program to your wrestling training.

Unit 15/800-812

Old Illawarra Rd, Menai 2234

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E: info@musclemania.com.au


Thursdays: 7pm - 9pm

Saturdays: 12pm - 3pm


Club Vulcan Gym Menai

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