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Darius commenced his wrestling training here at Vulcan's Pro- Wrestling School at the age of 14 and has continued on as one of VCW's top Wrestling talents. Here for the pas as well as training at the Fale dojo in Auckland, New Zealand & the most exclusive and intense training dojo on the planet, the New Japan pro wrestling Dojo in Japan. He has been involved with the Australian professional wrestling scene, not only as a leading pro wrestler for VCW but also as head coach in Vulcan's Wrestling School. Vega has also been performing in the second-biggest wrestling promotion in the world, New Japan Pro Wrestling and is the first-ever Australian Young Lion.

 Vega is practiced in freestyle wrestling, chain wrestling as taught by Vulcan himself, who learned from the Malenko brothers, as well as shoot wrestling & Japanese strong style - coached by wrestling Veteran Tony Kozina & Current New Japan Pro Wrestler Fale.  

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